Gurdjieff Foundation of Texas


The Gurdjieff Work is often referred to as a Sacred School.  We study and work with sacred ideas and practices as part of our search to understand who we are individually and Man's role in the Universe.  At some point a person may begin to care about and seek answers to the questions: "Who am I, and Why am I here?"

Established in Houston in 1984, the Gurdjieff Foundation of Texas is a non-profit organization of individuals who come together to study and practice the forms and traditions brought by G.I. Gurdjieff.  The Gurdjieff Foundation of Texas in Houston offers weekly meetings, sittings (meditation), Movement practice, readings, music, study groups and crafts. Related Groups in the Dallas / Fort Worth and El Paso areas also meet regularly in their locales. Combined group efforts are held in Houston and Dallas periodically during the year. The Gurdjieff Foundation of Texas is affiliated with The Gurdjieff Foundation in New York and thereby traces its lineage to Gurdjieff and his teachings through two of his most influential students, Madame Jeanne de Salzmann and Lord John Pentland.


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